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World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Information Architecture & Content Strategy 

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is the United Nations agency for meteorology, operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences.  As an organization the WMO manages complex scientific information, and serves a truly global audience.

Adam Ungstad worked with the WMO’s Climate and Water team to make the web content they produce more relevant, readable and understandable by standardizing taxonomy, improving the structure of content within pages and giving guidance on strategic web content management.




FIFA  (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)

Enterprise Taxonomy for Official Documents
2013 – 2014

FIFA, the world’s governing body for football, required the development of a enterprise-wide taxonomy to classify official documents produced, published and stored across the organization.  Working with diverse stakeholders, Adam Ungstad created a set of classes and document metadata attributes that represent FIFA’s shared understanding of the official content they produce.

Over a 6 month timeframe Adam Ungstad used a variety of Information Architecture methods to establish consensus across the organization on the the labels, meanings, classes and hierarchy of the terms that FIFA uses to describe the official documents it produces.

As a result of the taxonomy prepared by Adam Ungstad, FIFA is now able to publish content consistently across internal and external channels, to prepare specific content for specific audiences, and able to find documents easier within the organization.



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O’Reilly Media

Technical Review

Adam Ungstad was asked by O’Reilly Media to complete a technical review of Michal Levin’s book Designing Multi-Device Experiences: An Ecosystem Approach to Creating User Experiences across Devices before it was published to provide comment on the book’s scope and relevance for it’s audience.

The book tackles the complex topic of creating consistent and engaging experiences across devices and examines several relationship patterns between devices including consistent, complimentary and continuous.  Designing Multi-Device Experiences is an interesting read and I’d recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about the strategy behind cross-channel design.



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Province of British Columbia

Identity Information Standards Development

As part of the Province of BC’s Identity Information Management initiative, the Architecture and Standards branch of the OCIO for the Province of British Columbia required a new set of data standards to enable consistent exchanges of address information across the provincial government.

Working as Senior Information Architect, Adam Ungstad researched current practices within the province and other government jurisdictions, and lead a working group dedicated to resolving the complex issues that surface when establishing standards across diverse sets of stakeholders.

The standards written by Adam Ungstad have been published online by the OCIO that use illustrations, examples, reference tables, and a high level of detail to communicate a complex issue to a broad audience.  View the Address Data Standards



Heritage Group Distribution

Heritage Group Distribution

Secret Lakes of Southern Island Guidebook

Heritage Group Distribution, one of Canada’s leading distributors of books, has been offering the Secret Lakes of Southern Vancouver Island Guidebook since it’s release in 2012.

Adam Ungstad wrote and published the guidebook in the summer of 2012, and due to the quality of the book Heritage has put the books on the shelves of local bookstores, outdoor recreation stores, and even giants like costco.



Front cover of the Secret Lakes of Southern Vancouver Island Guidebook.

Secret Lakes of Southern Vancouver Island Guidebook

Self-Published 152-page Guidebook

Adam Ungstad researched, wrote and published the 152 page guidebook Secret Lakes of Southern Vancouver Island.  The book features maps, trails, top ten lists with information on swimming, fishing, hiking, paddling, families and dogs.  It sold 1000 copies in 3 months after it’s launch in June 2012, and is found in libraries across British Columbia.  The book is distributed by Heritage Group Distribution.

Ungstad is currently researching and writing the second edition of the book, which will feature beautiful colour photography along with information on an additional 15 lakes.  He also designed and built the website for the book using the wordpress platform.