Euro IA Sept 26 - 28 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Euro IA: Metadata in the Cross-Channel Ecosystem

I’m excited to be speaking at Euro IA in Edinburgh, Scotland this September.  The programme for the conference is quite diverse, covering many facets within the information architecture practice that haven’t been discussed much yet, and everyone I’ve talked to seems to really like Edinburgh.  I’m looking forward to learning with my peers and bringing a Canadian voice to the event!  

Here’s the description of my talk:

Metadata in the Cross-Channel Ecosystem — Consistency, Context and Interoperability

From implementing a single taxonomy across an enterprise to enabling comparison and exchange across diverse datasets, metadata will make or break the greater experience you are building.

This presentation explores the role of metadata in the design of cross-channel experiences. Looking at administrative, descriptive and structural metadata we will learn strategies for enabling consistency, context and interoperability across channels and devices.

Using examples including broadcast media, identity management, and schema development this presentation will explore how information is presented, linked and exchanged across media, channels, touchpoints.

By the end of the session participants will understand how metadata supports UX methods including content strategy, search optimization, form design and taxonomy development. Participants will leave with new ideas and methods ready to apply to their current projects.