IAS13: Metadata in the Cross-Channel Ecosystem

I’m delighted to be speaking at the Information Architecture Summit in Baltimore, Washington this year.  The talk I’m giving is is a follow up to my session at the summit last year and is called Metadata in the Cross-Channel Ecosystem:  Consistency, Context and Interoperability.  Visit the Session Description on the IA Summit website, or read the original session proposal below:

This presentation shows how metadata enables consistency, context and interoperability in a cross-channel context by managing, describing and exchanging information objects.

We start by looking at 3 different types of metadata: administrative, descriptive, and structural and show their role in UX practices including content strategy, faceted search, and form design.

Then we proceed to understand the cross-channel ecosystem, understanding the differences between media, channels and touchpoints.  We learn what separates a multi-channel experience from a cross-channel one, and further the role of information exchanges in the cross-channel context.

From there we learn about the nuts and bolts of an information exchange, including semantics, syntax and lexicon, and how these are documented in schema.

Then we look at some of the common standards used to specify schema for information exchanges.  Last but not least, we’ll explore how linked data and ontologies enable us to map shared mental models.