Talk: UX Romandie in Geneva, Switzerland

Detail of a slide from Adam Ungstad's talk, breaking down mediums, channels, interactions and touchpoints.

I’m very pleased to be speaking for the UX Romandie group in Geneva, Switzerland this coming Tuesday March 26th.  The talk is free.  Details are:

19:00 – 23:00
Tuesday March 26th 2013
Hôtel Bristol,
Rue du Mont-Blanc 10,
1201 Genève
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Metadata in the Cross-Channel Ecosystem

Metadata enables consistency, context and interoperability in a cross-channel context by managing, describing and exchanging information objects.
This presentation explores 3 different types of metadata: administrative, descriptive, and structural, and their role in UX practices including content strategy, responsive design, rich snippets, and web forms.
We’ll then look at the cross-channel ecosystem, understanding media, channels, interactions and touchpoints. We’ll explore The Internet of Things, and furthermore the importance of information exchanges in cross-channel service design.
From there we learn about the nuts and bolts of an information exchange, including semantics, syntax and lexicon, and how these are documented in schema. Then we’ll look at some of the common standards used to specify schema for information exchanges and semantic markup.
Last but not least, we’ll explore how linked data and ontologies enable us to progress from the Web of Documents to the Web of Data.

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