Data Model for the TimeTracker system

TimeTracker: Tracking time and projects

The TimeTracker is a system I built that tracks time spent on projects for a team.  Staff fill out timesheets stating which projects, work packages and tasks they spent their time doing.  The system has reports for management and staff.  Staff can also assign notes to a task, book vacations, manage team members, and view summaries by project or user.

Time can be a tricky subject to be accurate with – terms like “month” appear to be accurate but they are not, yet a “month” can have 28, 30 or 31 days in them.  It takes a bit of work to build a query to answer a question like “How many hours has your team worked on this project over the past 3 months?”

This is what the welcome screen looked like:

Welcome screen of the TimeTracker system

Users of the system included project staff, project managers, and directors.  Aside from users being able to see only their own projects and timesheets, each specific role had it’s own unique set of functional requirements.  The system linked with Active Directory to ensure that users only saw their own projects and timesheets.

SQL Query used to Authorize a user for functions specific to the project manager role.

The TimeTracker system was built in 2008 using MS Access, SQL and VB Script. It is still in use today.