Excerpt of a Mind Map created for the WMO

Editing, Taxonomy & Content for the World Meteorological Organization

In preparation for migration of content to a new CMS the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) engaged Adam Ungstad for his expertise in information architecture and content strategy to make their web content more relevant, readable and understandable.

In the initial phases of the project Ungstad completed an inventory of selected sub sites within the www.wmo.int domain and helped content owners identify content that needed rework, content ready for migration and content that needed archival.

Following this review and analysis Ungstad worked with global experts in the field of hydrology to ensure their content was current, and used principles in readability and presentation to ensure that what they wanted to communicate could be read and understood with ease.

A key consideration in this work included analysis of content within each page to ensure it was ready for transition to a responsive design.

Ungstad then reviewed the information architecture used to structure the content, and recommended new taxonomies to be used for navigation purposes.  This involved analysis of existing taxonomies in use on the site, and the preparation of  ‘standard’ taxonomies to be used as a pattern for the various departments, programmes and commissions in the scope of the project.

Finally, Ungstad prepared recommendations on content strategy and web style decisions for the greater collection of content on www.wmo.int.

The final recommendations included better ways to publish and manage official documentation, better use of metadata in enabling findability and discovery and consistent behaviours for navigational components.