Minneapolis at Night as interpreted by the IA Summit.

Speaking at the IA Summit 2015 in Minneapolis

I am very excited to be speaking at the annual Information Architecture Summit in Minneapolis this coming April.

This will be my third time speaking at the summit, and I’ll be the first speaker in the “IA Theory and Practice” track. ¬†Whereas the other talks I’ve done for the summit have been a bit more conceptual / putting together the big picture and looking at the role metadata plays¬†in the design of cross-channel services, this will be a practical case study covering a real taxonomy project I recently did for FIFA.

In February I did a smaller version of this talk for World IA Day here in Switzerland, and I am really excited to be able to expand on the talk, and get into some of the details on the intricate challenges faced and decisions made in putting together the taxonomy.

View the official session description on the IA Summit site.

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